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  • Petke
    Petke  1 month ago


  • Rekkapena
    Rekkapena  1 month ago

    :big: sniper

  • Canoni
    Canoni  4 months ago


  • desmond
    desmond  4 months ago


    Last Battle 01 Oct 2006 11:01

  • Canoni
    Canoni  5 months ago


  • Dodge_FIN
    Dodge_FIN  5 months ago


  • Yuri
    Yuri  5 months ago

    Hyvää joulua

  • Rekkapena
    Rekkapena  8 months ago

    Last Battle 27 May 2014 12:10 big big

  • Canoni
    Canoni  9 months ago

    Mulla oli kans tuo 2011.. On taidettu olla Bisen kans vääntämässä bäfää sniper happy

  • QPoika
    QPoika  9 months ago

    Last Battle 22 Apr 2009 02:05


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 Canoni   21 Feb 2019 : 17:29
 Tessu    Tiedote

Multiplay lopettaa servujen vuokrauksen.
Elikkä on uuden tessupalvelimen haku.
Vanha tessu toimii 28.2.2019 asti.

As per our announcement, all game and voice servers have been taken off sale with immediate
effect and services will continue to function up until the 28th February 2019. As such,
we have made changes to our system to ensure that any automatic renewals will only
be accepted for one month up to 28th January 2019.

Furthermore, we will extend all services up to 28th February 2019. For example,
if your server is due to expire on the 29th January 2019
then you will receive our service free of charge up to the end of 28th February 2019,
after this date the systems will be taken offline.