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Tukholmassa pientä häikkää

Thank you for contacting me on this matter!
It appears that we are currently going through a 10GB hit to our Stocomms host at the moment
and we are doing everything we can to get this mitigated and get your server bought back online.
I do apologize for this and hopefully it won't last too much longer and we can get you back to your normal service.
I thank you greatly for your patience on this matter.

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  • Canoni
    Canoni  1 week ago

    Sit vaan syömään Choripánea ja viiniä kyytipojaksi.

  • Bise
    Bise  2 weeks ago

    Ja kippis!

  • Bise
    Bise  2 weeks ago

    Chilessä oltu nyt vuosi. Kiinan kolmen vuoden nettisensuuri sai riittää...

  • Canoni
    Canoni  2 months ago

    Missä Bise luuraa? moon1

  • Canoni
    Canoni  3 months ago

    Viikonloppuisin on parhaiten porukaa tessussa yheksän jälkeen...

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